7 Ways to Take Your Christmas Home Decor to the Next Level

Take your Christmas home decor to the next level with several tips from The Christmas Market

The holiday season is just around the corner—have you started shopping for Christmas home decor? You may want to begin early, especially if you’re hosting a Christmas party at home this year. Every room should have a touch of the bright holiday spirit, and the whole house should be welcoming for every guest.

Don’t stress, as we’re here to help you out. Here are several ways to take your Christmas decor to the next level and impress your guests this holiday season.


  • Pay extra attention to your living room.

The living room is inarguably the most important room to decorate for Christmas. After all, it’s where you, your family and your guests will likely spend a lot of time during the joyful holiday. So pay extra attention to this room. Start with your Christmas tree and mantel. These are the central points during Christmas—that’s where you’ll take snapshots and where kids will open their gifts. Don’t have a lot of time to go out and shop for a new Christmas tree this year? Do it online. You can buy a beautiful pre-decorated Christmas tree here at The Christmas Market.

Want other Christmas decor ideas for your living room? Why not swap your usual pillow covers for Christmas throw pillowcases. Go and add a cosy winter throw blanket to your couch or sofa. Another great touch is to design a Christmas-themed centrepiece for your coffee or console table. These little things can help complete your desired look.

let it snow pillow

  • Add some festive cheer to your kitchen.

Apart from the living room, the kitchen gets extra busy during holiday parties. So don’t forget this area when decorating your home for Christmas. You can add festive cheer to your kitchen by simply adding strings of lights around the windows. Christmas garlands with lights are another good option to frame those windows.

Also, it’s time to display your new (or bring out your old) Gingerbread decorations & Christmas-themed cookie jars. These design elements aren’t only aesthetic but also functional. Go all out by going into detail, like replacing your old dish towel with a red one or swapping your go-to kitchen wall signs for beautiful Christmas wall art.


  • Elevate your dining area with elegant Christmas decor.

If you’re hosting a Christmas lunch or dinner, it’s time to spruce up your dining area. You can make your Christmas dinner spread more sumptuous with a festive table runner, white candles, flowers and an elegant Christmas centrepiece. Have more room in your dining area? Put another Christmas tree in the corner. That can complete the cheerful look of your dining area for this year’s Christmas season.

  • Don’t skip the entryway.

Just because it’s a pass-through area doesn’t mean your entryway doesn’t deserve a Christmas makeover. After all, it is the first area your guests will see as they step into your home for Christmas. Plus, there are many fun ways to turn your entryway into a magical holiday haven! You can start by hanging a wreath with a customized family sign on your front door. Do you have coat hooks in this area? Hang a red scarf on one of those hooks. You can also place Christmas throw pillows on the bench.

snowy bedford wreath

  • Add small touches of Christmas to your guest bathroom.

When decorating your home for Christmas, you might skip the bathroom, but don’t! Adding small touches of Christmas cheer to your guest bathroom can help keep the holiday spirits high of everyone joining your party. It can be a simple decor like placing a Christmas-scented candle or hanging wreaths over the bathroom mirrors.
Other Christmas home decor ideas for the bathroom include draping a garland over the window, using a Christmas shower curtain, hanging an ornament on the doorknob and using Christmas-themed toilet paper. You don’t have to turn the guest bathroom into a Winter Wonderland—small holiday decor touches will do.


  • Put fairy lights on your outdoor plants.

After elevating your interior Christmas home decor, you might not have the energy to work on the outside of your home. Still, there’s an easy way to spruce it up this Christmas. Simply drape fairy lights on your outdoor plants. You can tangle them up in your hedges or wind them around the tree trunks in your front yard. It’s a quick, affordable, and easy way to add a festive touch to your home exterior.


  • Scatter Christmas candles around your home.

Sometimes, putting too many Christmas decorations can make your home feel cluttered. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your home cosy and minimalist this holiday season, here’s a great tip: scatter Christmas candles around your home. Choose white candles and safely wrap them with a red ribbon or garland. Then, put them on the coffee table, dining table, kitchen counter and window sills. Once they’re lit, they can turn your home into a festive wonderland while keeping it cosy.


  • Shop here at The Christmas Market.

Decorating your home this holiday season should be fun and exciting! So if you don’t have the time and energy to go out and shop for all the decorations to elevate your Christmas home decor, explore The Christmas Market online instead.

We’ve got it all—from Christmas ornaments and Santa hats to vintage Christmas decorations in Australia. We’re a one-stop shop for all your Christmas decoration needs. Have fun browsing our collections. And if you find something, simply add it to your cart, complete your order, and we’ll ship it to you as quickly as possible.

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