A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

A person decorating a Christmas tree

A Christmas tree is the centrepiece of almost every home this holiday season. But like any other holiday prep, decorating your tree can leave you in a tangle. And we don’t only mean with the lights and a bunch of ornaments! You might be wondering what order to put things in and how to mix and match the elements to achieve a cohesive look for your holiday centrepiece. But don’t fret, we’re here to help!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to decorate your Christmas tree this holiday:

  • Pick a theme.

Start by picking a theme—an element that ties everything together. It can be a certain colour palette, a special ornament collection or a shared family interest. With that theme in mind, start buying the decorations you need. Consider creating a mood board to guide your ornament shopping and bring your vision to life. It’s also good to have ornaments in classic Christmas colours, like red, white, green and gold. They can match well with themed decorations and can serve as an effective backdrop for the specific look or vision you want to achieve.  

  • Fluff and shape your Xmas tree.

How to decorate your Christmas tree to look full? Here’s the secret: fluff the tree. Fluffing the branches is still important even if you’ve bought one of the best Christmas trees online, as it will help your Xmas tree look more natural, full and lush. Just make sure to wear gloves when fluffing and shaping if you’ve bought a real tree. You don’t want to halt your decorating process because of a nasty splinter.

  • String the Christmas lights. 

The best option is to get a pre-lit Christmas tree, but if that isn’t viable, we’ll guide you through this step. First, consider the lights you want to string around your Xmas tree. Make sure the colour of the lights suits your theme and doesn’t clash with your ornaments and tree topper. Got a larger tree? Consider getting a string of globe-shaped bulbs rather than the typical smaller LED lights. The larger lights create a better sense of scale and will likely be more cost-effective for your huge tree. 

Already got the Christmas lights for your tree? Check if they’re working. You can lay them on the floor to pinpoint lights or bulbs that need replacement. Once they’re ready, begin stringing them at the bottom of the tree. Work your way upwards by weaving in and out of the fluffed branches. Make sure they’re evenly distributed. 

9 Foot Pre Lit Flocked Pine Tree

  • Add Christmas ornaments. 

It’s time to add your beautiful Christmas ornaments. You can start by dividing the tree into three sections: top, middle and bottom. Begin styling the top and then work your way down. Also, it’s best to use your heaviest ornaments first. Hang and tuck them deep within the foliage. That will add depth & layer and ensure their weight is effectively supported by the branches. Small ornaments look best when hung on the tips. They help create a draping effect that makes your tree look more stunning. 

  • Style your Christmas tree with ribbons.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with ribbons? Choose two ribbons with different widths and styles. That allows you to layer the ribbons and create texture. Again, remember your theme when picking ribbons. Also, if you can get wired ribbons, that’d be better, as they’re easier to shape and style than regular ribbons. 

  • Use picks to fill the gaps. 

Are you done putting the lights, ornaments, ribbons and other decorations? Take a step back and look at your Christmas tree. Are there any gaps or sparse areas? You can use beautiful Christmas tree picks to fill in the gaps. You can go for traditional picks like flowers, pinecones or berries. Fancier picks that are embellished with pearls or crystals work well, too. Again, that depends on the theme you want to achieve. 

A floral mix pick in gold, perfect for any vessel

  • Add a tree topper. 

A Christmas tree doesn’t look complete without a focal point—and this is where your tree topper comes in handy. It can be a star, a ribbon bow or an angel tree topper. The important thing is to polish your tree with a topper that complements your theme. Got an original theme for your Christmas tree? You can have a custom or unconventional piece as your tree topper to completely set your Xmas tree apart. 

  • Finish the display with a tree skirt. 

Have you put everything you want on your Christmas tree? It’s time to finish your stunning display with an equally beautiful tree skirt. It can be a burlap or any other fabric that can hide the trunk and mundane stand. It’s also best to find a Christmas tree skirt that suits your theme and blends well with the rest of your decorations.

  • Wrapping up

It’s time to put this guide on how to decorate your Christmas tree into application! Think of a theme and start shopping for Christmas ornaments, lights, a tree topper and more. Want to shop conveniently? Get it done here at The Christmas Market. Our shop offers an impressive range of Christmas ornaments & decorations online. 

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