Having Trouble with Christmas Cards? Here Are Some Creative Ideas

A present and a creative Christmas card.

It’s always a good time to tell your family or friends you love them, but it becomes easier during the holiday season. The bright lights, festivities and all the joy of the holidays make it easier to shower others with love and tell them how much they mean to you. Plus, you can use Christmas cards to express how you feel. But let’s admit it: the standard “Happy Holidays!” card no longer cuts it, especially after we’ve all been through these past years. So if you’re looking for unique, clever or creative Christmas card ideas to use these holidays, we’ve got some samples below.

A pop culture-inspired Christmas card

Do your friends and relatives love binge-watching Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, or any Netflix series like your family? If yes, try to shoot a family photo replicating an iconic scene from that much-loved series or movie. Then, design a personalised Christmas card using that photo. You can put iconic (and holiday-themed) lines on the card, like ‘Winter is Coming’ from Game of Thrones, to make your card more fun! But don’t forget to write a personalised note as well. That note and your crafted family photo can make your loved ones smile this Christmas!

A punny card

Designing your own Christmas cards? Don’t be afraid to have pun! You can use any template online, as the punny statements are enough to impress your loved ones. That’s especially true if the recipients have the same sense of humour as yours! 

Here are some samples of punny statements to make your card punny-er:

  • “Christmas has me feeling extra Santa-mental.”
  • “It takes one to snow one.”
  • “It’s the most wine-derful time of the year.”
  • “Why did they ask the turkey to join the band? He had the drumsticks.”
  • “I love when candy canes are in mint condition.”

An emoji-themed Christmas carol card

Here’s another cool Christmas card idea. All you have to do is write your favourite Christmas carol and swap some words for emojis! One good example is ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town.’ Write the song’s first verse but change the words ‘watch,’ ‘cry,’ ‘pout,’ ‘Santa Claus,’ and ‘town’ with the corresponding emojis. The recipient won’t only be impressed—they are also likely to begin to sing once they see your card. That’s a good start to make their mood festive this holiday season.

A cute card that doubles as an ornament

Want to send a Xmas card that won’t easily get tossed into a pile of many cards? Send a cute card that can double as a Christmas ornament. You can design the card with witty remarks, a personalised message and anything else. But don’t forget the string so the recipient can easily hang your unique card on their Christmas tree

A retro Christmas card

Looking for creative Christmas card ideas but don’t have time to craft personalised designs? Check out our Retro Christmas Card Set. No matter the year, retro designs are always a hit. Our set includes eight note cards featuring different retro Christmas designs, including an adorable snowman, a drunk Santa and a witty statement about jingle bells! Match your personal note with the card design, and it will be a Xmas card that makes your loved ones remember you fondly. 

Retro Christmas Card Set