How to Get Ready for Santa on Christmas Eve

Make sure your home is ready for Santa on Christmas Eve.

One of the most anticipated holidays is Christmas. This is a season of joyous celebrations and beloved customs, like spending time with friends and family, hanging stockings over the fireplace, and discovering presents under the tree. But of course, Christmas would not be complete without Santa and his helpers, so we want to make him feel welcome during his brief visit to deliver your magnificent presents to the Christmas tree. Here are some tips to help you get ready for Santa on Christmas Eve:

Write a Letter

Write a letter to Santa to tell him your detailed Christmas wish list. You can ask your kids to slide their letters inside a Letter to Santa Lidded Container. Remind them to address letters to Santa respectfully, because whether they've been naughty or nice this year, he has a list, and if they've been good, they'll certainly get everything they've asked for. They should include their name, age, and the purpose of the letters to Santa. Also, stamp the front of the envelope and address the letter to Santa Claus, North Pole, 9999.

Tidy Your Surroundings

We don't want Santa's hat to get dirty, so if your home has a fireplace, clear it out so that it won't be full of dust and debris when he magically enters the chimney. If not, ensure your front door works so he can easily enter the house. Everyone loves Santa and no one wants to see him hurt, so make sure there are no hazards for him to trip over.

Decorate the Christmas Tree

One of the most popular Christmas customs worldwide is decorating a tree. So make sure to prepare a tree for Santa to put the gifts under. Antique ornaments and brand-new ones purchased from The Christmas Market, such as little Santa hats, candy canes, or even the conventional round ornament can all be used to adorn the tree. Additionally, waiting for the gifts to arrive is a wonderful opportunity for family bonding that will increase the overall happiness and celebration in the home.

hang some stockings

Hang some Stockings

We all deserve something a little bit extra special on Christmas, which is why Santa loves to stuff stockings with gifts for everyone. Remember to use hooks and hang the stockings using strings or ribbons bound tightly to ensure that the stockings stay in place firmly. Hang them in a safe position around the house such as railings, above fireplaces, bed posts, etc. To prevent the gorgeous gifts from dropping, kindly use caution and ensure the hooks can handle some weight.

Prepare Snacks for Santa

Santa has a long night delivering presents to homes, so he must be exhausted on Christmas Eve. How to keep his energy up? Give him some snacks and refreshments. In contrast to the custom, you can leave Santa a chilled beer instead of the usual cookies and milk. A cold beer would be ideal because Christmas is usually celebrated in Australia during summer, and the weather is not what you would anticipate for a typical Christmas. Go so far as to buy Santa a unique Santa mug from the Christmas Market; he would undoubtedly appreciate the Santa mug dedicated to him.

Don't Forget About the Snacks for Santa's Helpers

The nine reindeer—Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Prancer, Vixen, Donner, Blitzen, Cupid and Rudolph—are among Santa's helpers. This herd of reindeer is in charge of transporting Santa and the presents. You must be wondering how Santa manages to deliver all the gifts so promptly all over the world. We can thank the reindeer for that! Lay out some apples or carrots to snack on so they can stay energised throughout the night.

santas reindeer


Wrapping up

We hope this post provides valuable insight to aid your preparation for the approaching Christmas, customs and all. And if you're running out of time to shop for all your holiday presents, you can visit The Christmas Market. Avoid the hassle of holiday rush hour and browse our wide selection of Christmas products online.