Top Christmas Games to Play This Holiday Season

A group of adults playing games during Christmas

From opening gifts to indulging in holiday goodies, Christmas is often filled with tons of exciting activities. But once the festivities are over, how can you keep entertaining your kids or the guests staying in your house for a few more days before their trip back home? Let’s face it: you can only watch so many Christmas movies in a row. Luckily, these Christmas games can come to your rescue and keep the holiday season fun!

Play guessing games.

Get some sticky notes and write different iconic Christmas characters or movies on them. Then, split your group into two. Next, have each player paste a note to their forehead without looking at what’s written. Their teammates must help them guess the name or movie written on the note. The player can ask questions like “Is it a rom-com movie?” or “Is this character green?” Let the players be creative in how they ask, and it will be a guaranteed laugh-fest for a few hours!

Host a special Christmas scavenger hunt.

Does your family always sit around the TV after Christmas dinner or sip hot chocolate from their vintage Nutcracker mugs while waiting for the roast to come up to temp? Mix it up this year by hosting a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt! You can get ready-made scavenger hunt cards or templates online, but isn’t it better to personalise those cards or instructions? Come up with instructions or treasures that are sentimental or memorable for your family or guests. Design the scavenger hunt to last an hour or two, so everyone can have a blast!

Vintage Nutcracker Mug

Unwrap gifts while playing the ‘Oven Mitts’ game.

The ‘Oven Mitts’ is a pretty straightforward Christmas game idea but will surely result in some hilarious photos! Firstly, gather everyone near the Christmas tree to open the gifts. Ask each person to unwrap their gifts while wearing oven mitts. It’ll be a tall order, but you can turn it into a game by rewarding anyone who can do it the fastest or most hilariously! Don’t forget to take pictures, as kids or guests get creative in opening their presents.

Play Christmas charades or Pictionary.

Is your Christmas group stocked with movie buffs, theatre enthusiasts or amateur artists? Add a holiday twist to your gathering by playing classic acting & drawing games, like charades or Pictionary. Simply swap out the prompts for holiday songs, movies, themes or objects. Get ready as each team gets festive & competitive!

Compete in the ‘Reindeer Toss’ game.

If you want a physical Christmas game with your family, why not play the ‘Reindeer Toss.’ But you will have to prepare some things before competing in this game. First, send the kids out to find the perfect V-shaped sticks that can be used as antlers. Then, create a base where you can attach those antlers. You can use an empty box as a base and paint it with a goofy Rudolph face to make it more interesting! After that, create sturdy rings from any crafting materials; you can use wires or pipe-cleaner rings and cover them with red and white ribbons to keep them in line with the theme. 

Once everything is ready, put the box with antlers in the backyard and ask everyone to take a few steps back from the box. Then, take turns tossing the rings to the antlers. Prepare an irresistible reward to make the game more competitive!

Play a wooden heirloom board game.

Here at The Christmas Market, we have designed a wooden heirloom board game. The gameplay is easy yet challenging; think of it as a ‘Snakes & Ladders’ game but with Santa Claus and a herd of reindeer as the stars of the board game. Best of all, we’ve designed this wooden board game to become an heirloom you can pass down through each generation. With this game, you can start a special family tradition!

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