Create the Ultimate Christmas Party With These Ideas

Make your holiday celebration memorable with clever Christmas party ideas.

Planning to have a merry little Christmas with your friends and loved ones? Let us help you create the ultimate Christmas party! We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas to make your holiday celebration one for the books. Plus, with these fun and creative Christmas party ideas, prepping for the party will be as fun as throwing it.

  • Retro Christmas Party 

  • You can’t go wrong with a retro-inspired Christmas party. After all, the holiday season is a perfect time to reminisce about happy Christmas memories from the past decades! Keep your decor old-fashioned with retro ornaments and garlands. Plus, don’t forget to serve hot chocolate drinks in something like our vintage Nutcracker mugs. But, wait, you are going to want to also have a retro Christmas game for your retro Christmas party right? Why not try vintage Santa block puzzles and other retro Christmas games.

    nutcracker mug

  • Salt Dough Crafting Party

  • Do you have creative friends and relatives coming over this holiday season? Engage them in arts-and-crafts-inspired Christmas party ideas like a salt dough crafting party! Salt dough is easy to work with—think of it like playdough but for adults. It can be quickly shaped into Christmas ornaments, figurines or pretty much anything they fancy making. They can even paint their finished products!

     Also, it’s easy and fun to make salt dough. You only need to mix four cups of all-purpose flour, one and a half cups of warm water and one cup of salt in a bowl. Knead the mixture until it’s firm and smooth. Now, finish the preparations before your guests arrive by finally rolling out the dough. Once your guests arrive, give them the rolled-out dough and let them cut and design it into their desired shapes. If you plan to make ornaments, don’t forget to poke a hole for the string to hang the ornament into the salt dough before baking it at 300°F. 

  • Holiday Bake-Off Party

  • If you and your friends are all foodies, why don’t you hold a holiday bake-off party? Whip up your crowd-pleasing treats and ask your friends to do the same. Then, spend the Christmas afternoon in your home and have all the guests blind-test the group’s baked goodies and vote for the best treats. It doesn’t hurt to add some friendly competition to your usual delicious December get-together with your foodie friends.

  • Ski-Themed Party

  • Can’t make it to the slopes this holiday season? We’ve got a great Christmas party idea for you. Bring the warmth of a ski lodge to your home by hosting a ski-themed party. Decorate your home with ski-themed Christmas decor, like a vintage Santa with skis  or a  sledding snowmen. Also, make sure your guests can cuddle up with a blanket. Vintage Santa mugs fit the theme, too, especially if you plan to serve eggnog or hot chocolate drinks.  

  • Holiday Game Day

  • Make your Christmas day fun with classic games with exciting holiday twists! Play charades with holiday-themed prompts, like Christmas movies, songs and traditions. You can also host a special Christmas scavenger hunt. Create personalised instructions and clues to make the hunt more exciting and memorable. You can finish your holiday game with a chill board game called The Legend of the Vintage Christmas Treasury. It’s a wooden heirloom Christmas-themed board game with snake-and-ladders-like gameplay. It’s easy and fun to play! Plus, the wooden board game has a durable quality, making it a good heirloom to pass down to your kids. 

    vintage christmas treasury

  • Pampering Party

  • It’s no secret that the most wonderful time of the year can also be one of the most hectic and stressful. So if you want to take a break from the holiday stress, invite your best gals for an afternoon of pampering. It’s one of the best Christmas party ideas for small groups. But consider setting this party a day or two days after Christmas so that you can easily book a professional mani and pedi at home. You can also hire a massage therapist to treat your favourite ladies to a spa-like experience in your home. Don’t forget to serve holiday goodies to make your holiday pampering party a completely relaxing experience!

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