Christmas Checklist: 10 Things You Should Do Weeks Before Christmas

Here are the ten things you should do weeks before Christmas

Preparing early for Christmas is a smart way to avoid the stress and chaos that often comes with the December holiday frenzy. Still, the things you have to do can be overwhelming, so we’ve come up with a Christmas checklist. Here are the ten things you should do weeks before Christmas (and we’ve arranged them accordingly!)

Christmas checklist: Four weeks before Christmas 

  • Hit the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. 
  • Black Friday is a huge sale event where most retailers in Australia and other parts of the globe offer the biggest discounts and promos of the year. It often falls on the last week of November, and many sales happen online. So be sure to check out the different deals on the internet. You might cross off some items on your holiday shopping list during this event. After Black Friday, you can continue shopping on Cyber Monday. It’s another shopping event filled with promos and huge discounts. 

    Do you need to shop for this year’s Christmas decorations, too? Check out our Clearance Stock. Some of our ornaments and Christmas decor are on sale all year round. You can get good deals even before Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

  • Buy a Christmas tree.
  • What’s the highlight of your Christmas decorations? Of course, it should be the Christmas tree. Take buying the tree off your to-do list by doing it four weeks before Christmas. You can turn this into a fun family event by going on a trip to pick the tree as a group. Continue the fun by decorating the tree together, using your old ornaments and the new ones you purchased from a recent sale. Don’t have time to go out and buy a tree? Order a Christmas tree online here at The Christmas Market. 

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  • Plan your Christmas party.
  • Are you the host of your family or friend group’s Christmas festivities this year? Planning the party four weeks before Christmas gives you and your guests plenty of lead time to arrange their trip to your home and buy gifts suitable for your party theme. And if there’s any change in your plan, you still have a few weeks to adjust and ensure your holiday get-together will run smoothly. 

    Christmas checklist: Three weeks before Christmas 

  • Clean up the house.
  • What to do before Christmas? It’s time to clean your home to prepare it for Xmas decorations and other festivities! Declutter your yard, living room and other main areas of your house. Also, don’t forget to clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Throw out expired items from Thanksgiving and other holidays to create space for all the Christmas goodies.

  • Put up decorations.
  • Whether you’ve started decorating your Christmas tree or not, it’s time to bring out your old & new ornaments, Christmas lights, yard decorations and everything else you use to turn your home into a winter wonderland. And if you feel like you’re lacking something, go to The Christmas Market for some last-minute shopping. 

    Christmas checklist: Two weeks before Christmas 

  • Plan your menus.
  • Grocery shopping a week or days before Christmas can be tough. So it’s better to plan your Christmas Eve & Day menus around two weeks before. List the classic dishes that your family enjoy every holiday season. You can mix it up by adding a few new recipes. If you have guests joining you on the 24th or 25th, don’t forget to consider their dietary restrictions and preferences. Then, break down the chosen recipes into a long grocery list. 

    After making a list, create a cooking timeline. See which dishes you can cook a few days in advance to freeze, and plan how you’ll prepare and cook the rest. 

  • Order special food items.
  • December is a busy month for most stores, especially those shops that offer Christmas ham, turkey and other holiday food items. Make sure to check with your supplier of these items to know whether you need to place your order in advance.

    Christmas checklist: One week before Christmas 

  • Do a grocery run.
  • Remember the grocery list you made after planning your Christmas menus? It’s time to cross off the items on that list. Shop for all the items except perishable groceries, which you may want to get around three to four days before Christmas. While at the grocery store, also consider visiting the bank for any holiday-related transactions. Additionally, check out some pre-made treats at the store to make your holiday prepping and cooking less stressful.

  • Wrap the gifts.
  • Wrapping the gifts always takes longer than anticipated, so it’s best to do it a week before Christmas. Also, by doing it early, you can find out whether you’ve missed a gift on your holiday shopping list and need to do some last-minute mall shopping. Need some elegant materials to wrap your presents? Explore our gift wrapping essentials here at The Christmas Market. They’re as good as the present! 

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  • Do a final house inspection.
  • If you’re hosting, perform a final house inspection a week before Christmas. See if there’s anything else you have to do to ensure your place is ready for guests and all the festivities! It’s also an opportunity to check all your Christmas decorations. Maybe you need to swap your old ornaments for some Bethany Lowe’s Christmas decorations.

    Get ready for Christmas.

    Once you’ve done all these things, you will be better prepared for Christmas. Your house will be less chaotic. You will feel more confident about pulling off your Christmas party, and you can focus on cooking delicious meals days before or on the day itself. More importantly, you can concentrate on making happy memories this holiday season!